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INDEX: Views gathers 30 creative leaders who take the leading part in the Summit: They will use their expertise and creativity to develop new pathways, ideas and suggestions for how we can begin to solve 5 challenges to human life – in close cooperation with young designers, researchers and stakeholders in the 5 areas.

The creative leaders are prominent innovators, creative thinkers and leaders in e.g. design & architecture, research & development, business & society, primarily from USA, Asia and Scandinavia. Together, they contribute with many of the cross-disciplinary competences used in new design processes.

The creative leaders have been identified and invited by INDEX: on the basis of extensive international research, including media reviews and surveys among INDEX: Strategic Lounge, Executive Lounge, INDEX: partners and the INDEX: Views Advisory Board.

The creative leaders are:

  • Arnold S. Wasserman, Chairman, The Idea Factory (USA) (INDEX: Views Process Leader)
    Arnold S. Wasserman has held the positions of Vice President of Corporate Industrial Design/Human Factors at NCR, Xerox, and Unisys Corporation. He has also been Dean of Pratt Institute’s School of Design; Senior Fellow for Design Strategy at IDEO, a product development consultancy; and Director of Design for the Raymond Loewy design office in Paris. Arnold S. Wasserman has been a pioneer in the practice of user-centered, multidisciplinary product development as a competitive business strategy, incorporating ethnographic research, rapid prototyping, and user scenarios. He has developed methodologies of innovation strategy for the design of products, services, venture strategies, and public policy programs, as well as workplace environments that foster organizational creativity and interdisciplinary innovation.
  • Alan M. Webber, Founding Editor, Fast Company (USA)
    Alan M. Webber loves design--graphic design, interior design, furniture design, clothing design, commercial design, architectural design, you name it! He is founding editor of Fast Company, which won the National Magazine Award in 1999 for design, and was previously Editorial Director of the Harvard Business Review. His wife is a furniture designer and maker, his son is a Web-site designer, and his daughter is in architectural graduate school. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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  • Alex Blanch, designer & Principal of the PUC Design College, Santiago de Chile (Spain)
    Alex Blanch is designer and principal of the PUC Design College in Santiago de Chile. He is trained in classical music as well as graphic and industrial design. Since he quit his job as vice principal at the leading Spanish design college, Elisava Design College in Barcelona, his main objective has been to work with the combinations and juxtapositions of design and sound as well as teaching, studying and developmental work. Alex is well connected with design communities throughout South America and is currently one of the most knowledgeable people within the field of design in the region. This summer, Alex moved from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile to assume the position as principal of the leading Chilean design college.
  • Alexandra Wyke, Founder & Managing Director, PatientViews (United Kingdom)
    Alex Wyke is the managing director of PatientView and Health and Social Campaigners’ Network international (HSCNetwork international). She founded PatientView in May 2000 as an independent organisation that provides valuable information about patient attitudes on healthcare delivery and disease-based issues worldwide. HSCNetwork international, part of the PatientView, was subsequently launched in 2003 as a novel global virtual network for health-based NGOs and statutory bodies. As part of its activities, the network publishes for its members a monthly briefing document which focuses on important campaign issues. The publication is also available on subscription to those in the public domain. For more information:
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  • Cameron Sinclair, Architect & Executive Director, Architecture for Humanity (USA)
    Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder and executive director of Architecture for Humanity, a six year old charity which seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crises and brings design services to communities in need. Currently he is working on projects ranging from school building in India, issues of homelessness, tsunami reconstruction to developing mobile medical facilities to combat HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. He is the 2005 winner of the Lewis Mumford Award for Peace and in 2004 Fortune Magazine named him one of the seven people changing the world for the better.
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  • Edward Feigenbaum, Kumagai Professor, Stanford University (USA)
    Edward Feigenbaum is Kumagai Professor of Computer Science Emeritus, Stanford University. He is a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, and an entrepreneur of companies that commercialized the technology. He was Chief Scientist of the US Air Force, 1994-1997. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering; and received the highest research honour of Computer Science, the Turing Award.
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  • Esben Trier, Director Global Marketing & Research, Metro International (Sweden)
    Co-founder of Europes first free monthly entertainment guide Nöjesguiden/Nat&Dag. Esben has held positions at industrial design company Johannes Torpe Design, MediaNorth Group, Netch Technologies and has also been involved in a series of internet ventures and media companies in Scandinavia. Now responsible for global marketing and research with Metro International – the worlds largest global newspaper for time being published in 18 countries in 81 editions with 35 million weekly readers. Jazz entusiast and tennis specialist. Based in Copenhagen, working in London. More information:
  • Flemming Lindeløv, Chairman, Royal Scandinavia Retail A/S (Denmark)
    In 1997, Flemming Lindeloev was elected Chairman of Royal Scandinavia A/S, and from 2001 – 2005 he was CEO of same company. Today, Mr. Lindeloev is Chairman of Royal Scandinavia Retail A/S (Illums Bolighus) and he is a Member of the Board of Royal Copenhagen A/S.

    Moreover, Mr. Lindeloev is Chairman of Business Forum of Greater Copenhagen Authority and H. Lundbeck A/S.
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  • Henrik Hautop Lund, Professor, The Maersk Institute for Production Technology, University Southern Denmark (Denmark)
    Henrik Hautop Lund, professor, the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute for Production Technology, University of Southern Denmark. His research group, the AdapTronics group (, focuses on research in robotics and modern artificial intelligence. He is member of the Danish National Research Council, has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, and has initiated and coordinated numerous, big research projects such as HYDRA on self-assembling robots (, Body Games, Intelligent Artefacts, Flexible robots for SMEs, VIKI Humanoid (RoboCup Humanoids Freestyle World Champions 2002), Playing with Ambient Intelligence, etc. He is co-inventor and co-founder of RoboCup Junior. His robot work has been presented to e.g. prime ministers, HM Queen of Denmark, and HM Emperor of Japan. He has collaborated with numerous companies such as LEGO, Bandai, Siemens, ABB and Microsoft.
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  • Ian Batey, Author & Chairman Emeritus, Batey Ads (United Kingdom/Singapore)
    Ian Batey is British-born, Australian bred. He’s been in brand building for about 50 years. Since Christmas 1969, Ian has been based in Asia and is seen as one of the leading pioneers of the advertising Industry in non-Japan Asia. Ian started his own Ad Agency in Singapore in 1972, and launched “Singapore Girl” to the world. The Batey Group still handles Singapore Airlines worldwide. In 2001, Ian released his book that predicted that China will be the world’s biggest economy by 2025, and that Asia will be the world’s major marketing communications hub by 2025. Ian is a leading missionary in this latter crusade.
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  • Ivy Ross, Executive Vice President of Design and Development for Old Navy, Gap (USA)
    Ivy Ross is currently the Executive Vice President of Design and Development for Old Navy, Gap, Inc. Ross is responsible for all products, across all categories and customer segments. In addition Ross is a key member of the leadership team that is looking to constantly evolve the brand experience as well as future growth opportunities for the corporation. Ross’ education was in design and psychology and included time at The Harvard Business School.

    Ross was a founding partner of two independent design firms and a retail store. She has a proven ability as a design leader and also possesses a strong sense of business management. She is a world-renowned artist. Ross’ innovative metal work in jewelry is in the permanent collection of 12 international museums, including the Smithsonian in Washington D.C., the Victorian Albert Museum in London and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City, among others. A winner of the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts grant, Ross has also received the Women in Design Award and Diamond International award for her creative designs.
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  • Jacob Holm, Managing Director, Fritz Hansen A/S (Denmark)
    Jacob Holm Holds a MA in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

    Jacob’s career spans positions at several of Denmark’s leading corporations, including Carlsberg, Carlsberg France, Foss A/S , Executive Vice-President at ISS A/S and ISS Inc. and Managing Director at Saatchi & Saatchi A/S, Denmark.

    Board memberships: Chairman INDEX: 2005, Hans Just A/S and Danish Design Centre.
  • James R. Lee, Managing Partner, Lee & partners (USA)
    James Lee is one of the world’s youngest experts in innovation strategy. He first lectured on the subject in relation to the effects of globalisation at age 15 in 1996. James R. Lee co-founded China’s first fully integrated legal, consulting, accounting and research firm in 1998 with Frost & Sullivan. He is presently the Managing Partner of Lee & Partners serving on the boards of Global 500 companies and leading private equity funds advising on matters of development and strategic investment. James Lee’ creative initiatives have been recognised by world leaders in both public and private sectors.
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  • John L. Petersen, President and Founder, the Arlington Institute (USA)
    John L. Petersen, president and founder of The Arlington Institute a Washington, DC area research institute, is a futurist, who specializes in scenario design, wild cards (big surprise events), and developing new technologies and capabilities for anticipating futures more effectively. He is the author of two well-known books in the futures sector dealing with trends and wild cards and travels widely speaking on a variety of future-oriented topics.
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  • Joong Yeal (Harry) Choi, Head of Samsung Design Europe, Samsung Electronics (South Korea)
    Mr. Harry (Joong Yeal) Choi was born in Korea in 1967. He studied industrial design and design management at Seoul National University, Korea from 1987- 1993 (BA & MFA). He has been working for Samsung Electronics design centre since 1994 and his specialty in early years was AV design development for European market but since 1997, he has been dealing with strategic design planning especially for European markets. Since 2001, he had been appointed as Head of Samsung Design Europe and mainly co-works with Korean HQ and other global design studios in order to enhance Samsung's global design operation.
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  • Jørgen Rosted, Director, FORA, the Danish Ministry for Economic and Business Affairs (Denmark)
    Jørgen Rosted serves as director of FORA, an independent research unit under the Danish Ministry for Economic and Business Affairs. Jørgen Rosted has been one of the most influential policy advisors in Denmark over the last two decades. Mr. Rosted has served as Permanent Secretary in the Danish Ministry of Business Affairs and has held a number of leadership positions in the Danish Ministry of Finance.
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  • Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of the LEGO Group (Denmark)
    Jørgen Vig Knudstorp has since 2004 been the CEO of the LEGO Group. LEGO play materials allow children of all ages to be creative in a systematic fashion that expands the boundaries of their imagination. Jørgen Vig has a Ph.D. in business economics concentrating on strategy and business development; topics that he has continued to work with as a consultant with McKinsey & Company, and since 2001 in LEGO Group.
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  • Mikkel B. Rasmussen, Partner, ReD Associates (Denmark)
    Mikkel B. Rasmussen is partner in the leading innovation agency ReD Associates based in Copenhagen. In his daily work Mikkel B. Rasmussen helps companies discover new business opportunities and design products, services and offerings that will generate top line growth. Mikkel B. Rasmussen works as a innovation advisor for a number of international companies like Adidas, Intel, Lego, Novo Nordisk and General Motors. He is a frequent commentator on innovation in various media and member of the Danish Innovation Council. Before joining Kontrapunkt Mikkel B. Rasmussen was asked by the Danish government to set up the world’s first innovation laboratory for central government called Mindlab. Mikkel B. Rasmussen is trained as an economist and holds a master degree in Economics as well as a Master in Innovation Management from Limburg University in Maastricht.
  • Patrizia Zagnoli, Professor, Università degli Studi de Firenze (Italy)
    Patrizia Zagnoli is full professor of Economics and Business. She is the Dean of the new Special Degree on Sport Management at the Medical Faculty in Florence, where she teaches Sport Management and New Media (satellite Tv, Internet, cellular, etc.). She has BS in Social Sciences, MS and PhD in Economics. Since 1993 she teaches “Interactive design for new product development” in the Master on Management of Innovation at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. She has been visiting at MIT, University of California, in Berkley, Stanford University, etc. Her research, publications and consulting has been focused on start up firms and new products in local clusters of industries such as Silicon Valley high tech companies and Italian and Vietnamese typical sectors (textile, fashion, furniture, etc.). Mainly her work has been driven by the attempt to enhance product and process innovation harmonizing culture, creativity, ICT technologies and user needs.
  • Pernille Weiss Terkildsen, Health Expert, COWI (Denmark)
    Pernille Weiss Terkildsen is the health expert at COWI with a past as a nurse. Holding a Master in Health Sciences specialising in the architecture of hospitals Pernille Weiss Terkildsen today works to optimize the quality of the hospital buildings experienced by the patients. She is one of the only persons in Denmark to investigate this on a scientific level and uses this insight and her scientific methodology to qualify concrete building projects, in particular the cross sections between entrepreneurs, architects and technicians.

    Pernille Weiss Terkildsen is a former politician and therefore she holds a deep insight into and great experience about the political processes and determinants that characterize the public health service.
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  • Peter Lawrence, Chairman and Founder, Corporate Design Foundation (USA)
    Peter Lawrence is Chairman and Founder of Corporate Design Foundation and a management consultant. He has taught design at Babson, London Business School, and Boston University School of Management. For eight years, he developed and was director of the Design Management Institute (DMI). In 1985, he established Corporate Design Foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life and effectiveness of organizations through design. The Foundation achieves this by conducting research, developing teaching material and working with business school faculty to introduce design into the business school curriculum. The Foundation publishes @issue: The Journal of Business and Design. During 1986/7 he was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sydney leading the program Winning By Design. He received a degree in economics from Lafayette College and a degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.
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  • Ravi Naidoo, Founder & Managing Director, Interactive Africa and Design Indaba (South Africa)
    Ravi Naidoo is an ex-scientist, who has re-invented himself as an entrepreneur, about the time, South Africa was re-inventing itself into a democracy. He has been involved in many of SA’s big banner projects in the last decade like the South Africa Soccer World Cup Bid, the First African in Space Mission, the African Connection Rally and more – and has founded the Design Indaba, a leading design institution, and co-founded CITI, the Cape IT Initiative – to promote the IT cluster in the Western Cape.
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  • RitaSue Siegel, Founder, RitaSue Siegel Resources (USA)
    RitaSue Siegel has placed hundreds of design management industry leaders including Shiro Nakamura- Nissan, Tokyo, Diego Gronda- Rockwellgroup, NY, Richard Stein- Interbrand, Tokyo, Richard Eisermann- British Design Council, London, Carol Denison- Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, Jan Abrams-The Design Institute, University of Minnesota, Chuck Jones, Whirlpool, MI. In 2001, RitaSue Siegel Resources merged with Aquent, the international professional services firm with 70 offices worldwide.

    RitaSue an industrial design graduate of Pratt Institute is a juror, most recently for the 50th annual ID Magazine design review, and writer on design management issues for Design Management Journal, Innovation- journal of the Industrial Designers Society of America, Communication Arts and BusinessWeek.
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  • Ron Pompei, Architect & Artist, Pompei A.D. (USA)
    Ron Pompei began his creative exploration as a fine artist, creating light art installations and sculptures that Philadelphia Magazine cited as “changing the face of Philadelphia.” Since then, as principal of the New York City based creative services firm Pompei A.D., Ron has gone on to do equally ground breaking work in architecture, design, branding, and cultural entrepreneurship.

    Ron Pompei’s multidisciplinary education and training as an artist, sculptor and architect is the lifeblood of Pompei A.D.’s holistic approach to its projects, enabling the firm to integrate diverse forms of expression into meaningful transformational experiences. This innovative firm has collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients including Sony, Motorola, Coca-Cola, Kmart, The Discovery Channel, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, UCLA, FORTUNE Magazine, Harley Davidson, California Academy of Sciences, Levi’s, Herman Miller and MTV. Ron’s visionary approach to his work has been recognized by publications such as The New York Times, New York Times Magazine, FORTUNE, Interior Design, Blueprint, Metropolis, Fast Company and the Financial Times.
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  • Rosan Bosch, Artist & Co-founder, Bosch & Fjord (Denmark)
    Rosan Bosch is an artist and a partner of Bosch & Fjord, a successful artist duo, revolutionizing the concept of art and design by working cross disciplinarily with visual arts, architecture and design. Since 2001, Bosch & Fjord has worked in close dialogue with the business sector and public institutions to develop alternative spaces and turn our usual ways of thinking upside down. Bosch & Fjord’s mission is to reformulate and create new conditions for professional, social and personal spaces that rethink society and improve life.
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  • Sara Beckman, Senior Lecturer, University of California, Haas School of Business, Berkeley (USA)
    Sara Beckman teaches design and new product development at the University of California’s Haas School of Business. She has taught for Stanford University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, was a visiting faculty at MIT’s Leaders for Manufacturing Program, ran the Change Management Team at Hewlett-Packard and consulted in Operations Management at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. She has B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University. She serves on the boards of the Building Materials Holding Corporation and the Corporate Design Foundation.
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  • Simona Maschi, Associate Professor, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Italy)
    For the past 10 years, Simona Maschi has designed future scenarios and experiences of people everyday life. She is interested in new design solutions that are attractive to people and that motivate companies towards a more sustainable future. Associate Professor and researcher at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Italy) and Lecturer at the Politecnico University in Milan, she has studied and worked in Europe and USA and she is soon moving to Denmark.
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  • Søren Merit, Business Developer (Denmark)
    New business development based on merging design approaches with best-practice analytical methodologies is Søren Merit’s professional focal point. Working with business development in senior positions in Danish industry and as a management consultant for blue chip Scandinavian clients, Søren has experienced the limitations of working with traditional analytical quantitative methods in increasingly competitive and qualitatively oriented business environments. He therefore started looking for alternative approaches that are more in line with the present demands on industry.

    Søren’s research finalised into the conclusion: Continued innovation in customer propositions and delivery of exceptional user experiences can only be developed if you apply new ways of working and enrol new competencies into the activities. He is presently finalising a book about business development based on ‘conceptual discovery’, to be published by Børsens Forlag in spring 2006. After heading the Danish Design Centre’s much acclaimed innovation programme – design:PARTNER – he is now working on a yet to be announced business initiative.
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  • Stig Krøger Pramming, Professor & Executive Director, Oxford Health Alliance (Denmark)
    Stig Pramming is a specialist in internal medicine who is still practicing from time to time. He is also a widely published author with over 50 papers to his name, and several co-authorships of professional textbooks.

    His previous experiences at Novo Nordisk, in clinical development, marketing, public affairs and stakeholder relations, and his consulting privileges at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, provide ample background to the current focus on fighting chronic diseases on a global basis. As the primary director in charge of relationships with key opinion leaders and IGOs and NGOs in the fields of global health and diabetes, Dr. Pramming is one of the founding partners of the Oxford Vision 2020 process. This program is part of the company’s vision to eradicate diabetes and build a better health system in the future for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases.
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  • Tan Chin Nam, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts (Singapore)
    Dr Tan Chin Nam is Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, and Chairman of the Media Development Authority, Singapore. He provides executive leadership for the ministry to shape the information technology, telecommunications, arts and heritage, creative industries, library and media sectors to drive Singapore into the next phase of economic and national development.
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  • Uffe Elbæk, Principal for The KaosPilots (Denmark)
    Uffe Elbæk, 51 years old, is principal for The KaosPilots (Denmark) and member of the City Council in Aarhus for the Danish Social-Liberal Party. Throughout the last 25 years Uffe Elbæk has been involved in a number of groundbreaking Danish initiatives within entrepreneurship, education and culture. During the 1980’s, Uffe Elbæk headed the cultural entrepreneurship environment, Frontløberne, in Aarhus.

    Since 1991 he has been principal at the entrepreneurship education The KaosPilots. In addition, he has contributed as either chairman or member in a number of private and/or public initiatives within his field of interest, including: Chairman of the Development Foundation of the Danish Ministry of Culture, Chief Advisor for the National Competency Council, member of the board of directors for the Aarhus Festival, and chairman of the school and culture committee in the City of Aarhus. Uffe Elbæk has also participated in many international projects and published several books. Furthermore, he is a very frequent speaker in Denmark and abroad. Uffe Elbæk has received a number of awards for his work, lately the Cross of the Order of the Dannebrog.
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