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We believe that we don’t know nothing compared to all of you. But now and then we want to provoke you with some thoughts, interesting angels on what we believe design and innovation is all about. But most of all, we want to facilitate the conversation, we sincere hope that you want to be a part of the dialogue, maybe through commenting, but also through posting directly – maybe as a guest-blogger?

We encourage proposals and new ideas for articles and features by those practicing Design and Innovation or related disciplines. If you are passionate about your craft and feel you can make a difference to others out there - Please let us know.

CPH127 is created through the donated volunteer efforts of its staff. Therefore, at this time, we cannot offer any compensation to authors other than the adoring thanks of the staff and your peers.

Articles are jointly copyrighted. You have the right to republish your article in another journal, magazine or book, however we ask for a one-week exclusive. We’d also appreciate a “first appeared in” credit.

About CPH127

CPH127 is a sense-making initiative. We aim to create a open dialogue around the profound understanding of the leadership, organization and strategy of creative business functions with the aim to create new value (for customers, employers and stakeholders.

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