CPH127 - an explanation.

You sure know the feeling of excitement when waiting in the airport. Waiting for the next flight, waiting for great holidays, longdrinks at the pool, long walks at the beach or maybe adventure climbing in the mountains.

And what great people you will meet. New relationships, maybe everlasting friendships? You’ll experience that other people has other opinions, other perspectives on things that matters in your daily life, and you’ll feel happy in the very moment because you realise. Sometimes you’ll learn week’s or even years later.

We’ve chosen the airport metaphor because of that very fact. “Travel is living” as Hans Christian Andersen once wrote. And living is understanding.

Coming home from a great travel, a great holiday is also about different things than the pictures in your camera. It’s also about new relationships, gathering new information, new knowledge and creating a higher understanding.

With CPH127 we try to reach out in the world for new relations, sources, knowledge and perspective. Please join us.

BTW – CPH is the code for Copenhagen Airport, we live in Copenhagen, Denmark. 127 is the number of destinations out of Copenhagen Airport.

/Magnus, Jacob & Hans Henrik

About CPH127

CPH127 is a sense-making initiative. We aim to create a open dialogue around the profound understanding of the leadership, organization and strategy of creative business functions with the aim to create new value (for customers, employers and stakeholders.

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