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More slides from Better by Design

Some time ago I wrote about the great conference in New Zealand, Better by Design, and recommended that people would go to their site and look at the slides. I suppose a lot of you did, and I would now like to give you some heads-up for reading even more informational stuff. Peter Zec's slideshow "Return of Ideas" is now online and I really recommnd you go there and read the slides - it's killer stuff. Infact it's 110 pages of killer stuff. Free.

And oh by the way, how do I know that some new slides had been uploaded? I (ofcourse) subscribed to their newsletter - you should too! (You can use Bloglines for newsletters too, you know)

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Wise guy :-)

Thx Jacob

All the best

Posted by: Hans Henrik | Jun 15, 2005 11:05:49 PM

The site may be good, and I agree with the principle, but the original summary book they printed was a load of bull. Can't believe so much money went into presenting a document that said nothing, and that our government was so naïve. Says a lot about the need for simplicity in presenting conclusions: just because a so-called powerhouse committee (containing some of my friends who know my feelings) authored it doesn't mean to say the findings can't be presented on a single page. Lengthy documents merely conspire to cover up inadequacies and lack of knowledge—and this was a prime example.

Posted by: Jack Yan | Jun 18, 2005 2:59:22 AM

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