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Meet the world

Warning: This does not have much to do with our usual posts, this is posted entirely because I find it interesting and fun.

A brazilian designer, Icaro Doria, has made some interpretions of some common flags from small to large countries. Honestly I'd like to buy some of them and place them on the walls of my new flat in Copenhagen.

I especially love the one about China:


See all of them at BrazilianArtists.net

Originally spotted at the Z + Partners Weblog

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Wow...this flag reminds me of when I visited a furniture restoration factory on the outskirts of Shanghai in 2003. I was shocked to see children probably as young as 7 years old carving designs into timber furniture in a sawdust ridden warehouse with the air thick with the fumes of thinners. The air took your breathe away. Very confronting. How would their families survive without their income? I don't know.

Posted by: Ian McArthur | Jun 29, 2005 3:13:09 PM

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