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The Difference between Japan and US


Here's two manholes. The one to the left is from the US and the one to the right is from Japan. That's pretty amazing.

Now you'll probably all think I am going nuts, but I really am not. I sincerely hope not.

I just saw this in a blog post and thought it would be a great way of showing that Japan is not fighting us on 1-dollar-an-hour labour, but on creative and innovative themes that we believe is going to save us. Isn't that pretty simple? To most politicians it's not.

By the way I got this from Kathy Sierra of the Creating Passionate Users blog. Thanks for observating this Kathy, this is going to turn into one of my best powerpoint slides ever! :-)

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Posted by: Anton Borzov | May 2, 2005 9:19:28 AM

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