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“Democratizing Innovation”

Yesterday I received a mail from Simon. It was a hint about a book that definitely is a “MUST READ”.

It’s a new book from Eric von Hippel – “Democratizing Innovation” I must admit – I’ve only run through a few chapters, so I can’t give you a detailed description – yet.

But – what I’ve seen is VERY good. I especially like chapter 7 about Innovation Communities – did anyone said weblog’s? Another thing – The book is COMPLETELY new – just released, but on the Internet. What does that tell you?

It tells me at least 2 things – a. Mr. Hippel doesn’t earn big bugs on book selling – who does? b. The Internet is a new channel for writers – we knew that already didn’t we?

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An additional reason why I chose to make the book available for free: I really think an information commons benefits us all. (in fact, I have so "drunk the Kool Aide" that I dedicated to book to "those who are building the information commons.")

I think we all owe a lot to people like Larry Lessig and James Boyle They have been hard at work building the tools we need for a sustainable information commons like the Creative Commons license I used for my book. Thanks, Guys!!!

Posted by: Eric von Hippel | Apr 13, 2005 10:23:15 PM

Hi Eric – you’re right. CC is definitely the future for everyone who cares, who write and publish on the Internet.

As mentioned by mail I'm especially interested in your chapter 7 – do you have any other cases than the Open Source movement when discussing community building in innovation proceses?

All the best
Hans Henrik

Posted by: Hans Henrik | Apr 18, 2005 7:36:39 PM

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