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Information Atmosphere

The web is powerful, we're used to it by now. In a communication sense, it creates almost infinite possibilities for diffusion of information content on a global scale across devices, platforms and media - content is, to use a cliché, king.

However, without context, content is simply information. It doesn't quite have meaning yet. The role of visual design in creating this context is often overlooked (and I believe very important).

In most types of web-based communication, the individual or organization's goal is to bring a definite message across. Often, the perceived message can be fine-tuned to a large extent by the surroundings in which it is brought across. I like to call these surroundings "atmosphere". Think about a conversation with a good friend. Think about where you have that conversation. In a bar? Probably so noisy that you'll only pick up little bits. In a shopping mall? You'll probably be so overwhelmed by the visual stimuli that you don't really pay attention… See my point?

If one takes it even further, different surroundings evoke different emotions - which can strongly impact on the message. Think about the conversation again… Imagine trying to convince your friend of the viability of an artistic idea you have. Now, imagine standing in a bank queue explaining the concept, and imagine the same having dinner at a nice restaurant with a live band playing in the background.

The visual nature of web design is the same. It provides emotion to the content, gives it an atmosphere in which to live - all the difference in the world, don't you think?

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